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Online Parent Education And Family
Stabilization Course – $19.99

  • Approved by the Department of Child and Family Services (DCF)
  • Designed to meet the Florida 4-hour divorce requirement
  • May satisfy court requirements for parenting education
  • Access the course immediately
  • Certificate given upon completion

DCF Approved Curriculum

Our “Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course” has been approved by the Department of Children and Families and is widely recognized and accepted by most courts; it should be noted that each county, state, or local jurisdiction has their own requirements, so please ask your legal advisor to check with the court/judicial circuit where your divorce/custody issue is filed to see if your court will accept an online course.

Course Content

  • Divorce as a Loss – learn about the Physical, Emotional and Social Transitions of Divorce
  • Parental Roles – learn about shared parental responsibly
  • Developmental Stages – study the common reactions of children and how they understand divorce by age group
  • Communicating with Your Children – discover techniques to talk with your children and tips to help them through the divorce
  • Legal Concepts – learn about domestic violence including spousal and child abuse
  • Visitation – discover the best way to make visitation count and plan so the children benefit
  • Additional Information – learn where you can get additional help regarding the circumstances surrounding your divorce